OBC Fundraisers

Hall of Fame


The Outlaw Hall of Fame Banquet is a salute to those who have shaped Outlaw sports. It is also partly a fundraiser for Sisters schools co-curricular activities through the OBC. The mission of the group is "to engage with alumni of Sisters High School and develop a culture of Outlaws pride that continues after high school. It is about celebrating former students, teachers, and coaches that have made a significant contribution to the high school. The Hall of Fame Banquet is a great  way to accomplish this. Visit our Store to get your tickets for the 2018 Hall of Fame Banquet.

Outlaw Open Golf


The Outlaw Open has been an annual golf fundraiser since 1997. It takes place in June at Aspen Lakes Golf Course, one of the premier golf courses in the state of Oregon, and has served to raise funds for the football program and various other athletic programs at Sisters High School. The Outlaw Open Golf Tournament  held at Aspen Lakes Golf Course on June 15, 2018  was a big hit and we had a great turnout! Thank you to all who participated! 

The Roundup


The OBC Roundup was held in April of 2018 and was a huge success! This was a fun night that took place at the Sisters Outlaws High School where an auction and dinner were held to help fund raise for co curricular activities. Close to $27,000 was raised at this event and we were very excited how well attended it was and look forward to building on that for next year.

Concession Booths


 The OBC runs many of the concessions booths at both athletic events and co-curricular activities.  The funds from the concession booths help give the students an opportunity to get practice working in a servce based industry and to help fund raise to support students in a variety of future activities and events. To become a Member (or make a Tax Deductible donation to the OBC) use  our Become a Member button below. 

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Outlaw Athletics



Our Outlaws Volley Ball is one of the strongest programs in the region. The girls have one numerous state titles. The Outlaw Booster Club holds several events to help fund raise for the team.  



The Outlaw Football program is designed for players of all levels to learn more about the sport and to improve their skills. Our fundraisers help support kids to attend football camps and more so they can have the experience of building character and stamina on and off the field. 



The Outlaw Softball Program is known throughout the state of Oregon as one of the top programs for kids learning to improve on their skills. The OBC has helped fund raise for several players to get more opportunities and several have gone on to get college scholarships.

Track and Field


Track and Field is a very popular sport in our state. Through the OBC fundraisers we have been able to keep our field in great condition with quality equipment and surfaces that help kids in the sport have the best advantages to excel and avoid injury. 



 The Outlaw Baseball program helps and encourages students of all levels to improve their skills. We have helped fund raise to help teams go to state and have had several students go on to get scholarships for college. 



Our Outlaw basketball program is growing every year. The OBC uses fundraisers to help support kids that may not be able to afford the extra clinics or tournaments have more opportunities so they can feel confident and build on their skills.